Traditional Food


 The Armenian cuisine is famous for its fish dishes. Lavash (flat bread) is baked in toneer which is a round shaped clay oven dug into the ground. Lavash has an oval shape. Armenians use lavash to wrap herbs, cheese, khorovats (BBQ) and etc. Lamb, veal or pork are used for khorovats (BBQ). The meat is specially chosen, marinated and then cooked on metal skewers. “Dolma” is a famous dish. Dolma is prepared from ground meat, rice and spices, wrapped either in grape leaves or cabbage or stuffed in eggplant, pepper or tomatoes. Grape leaf dolma is served with madzoun (yogurt) and garlic.

Armenia is famous for its fruits; pomegranates, apricots, grapes, peaches, pears and figs, as well as dried fruits . You can find them all around in every market. Armenians are master wine and cognac makers. Today you may try not only a wide range of Armenian grape wines but also very tasteful pomegranate wine, while the Armenian cognac is world renowned for a long time. “Gata”  is a traditional Armenian pastry, made especially for the New Year with a lucky coin hidden in it.




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