Taxis and Public Transportation

 Using the metro is a very easy way to get around the city, the tokens cost 50 drams. You buy tokens at the booth near the entrance of the metro. There is only one line, which runs through the city northwest to southeast from approximately 7:30 AM – 11:00 PM. The metro has ten stops. American taxi
Taxis are available at almost every intersection and are a convenient way to get around town. Although the taxis don’t usually have meters, you can estimate how many kilometers you’ve gone. The standard rate is 100 AMD per kilometer and most rides should not cost more than 2,000 drams (8 kilometers) anywhere in the center of the city.
English speaking taxi services:
American taxi: 120/km
Tel. 28-77-33, 52-93-74  
Tel. 544 004


City Cab:
Tel. 247 999, 248 999


 There are other services available and useful!! The best way with a taxi is to confirm the price beforehand!!! 

Vans (Marshutkas):

  A drive in the van usually costs 100 drams per person. When you want to get off, you will need to tell the driver, he is ready to stop just about anywhere. You pay when you get off.
Buses: Usually cost 50-100 drams. Slow and crowded, but go anywhere in the city. You pay when you get off.  



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