Please pack as lightly as possible.
Bring clothing which fits comfortably, preferably cotton outfits. Steel toe work boots are preferred, but other boots are okay for construction. No sandals are allowed on the construction site. We highly recommend flip-flops and bathrobe for bathing. It is acceptable for women to wear shorts at the construction site, but not too short. However, women should not wear shorts while visiting churches; admittance may not be allowed. Generally Armenians ‘dress-up’ more than the average American or Western European. You will be noticed and stared at if walking around in construction clothes. If you don’t mind, this is fine. But, please be aware that it may happen.
 The electricity in Armenia is 220v and plugs have two or three round-prongs. Bring a voltage adapter for any important electric devices from home. Consider, however, that buying an item in Armenia (iron, radio, hair dryer) may be cheaper and longer lasting than buying adapters for each one. Plug attachments that change flat prongs to round prongs are cheap and easy to find.
 Essential items:
 Money belt
Mosquito repellent 
Pain relievers
Passport (since you may obtain e-visa make sure to have it with you, it is easy to print the e-visa
Prescription & personal medications
Cash pocket money
Sun block lotion
Small light/battery may be used in the evenings
Travel alarm clock
Wide brim hat
Work boots/hiking boots
Work gloves
Work clothes for site
Hand sanitizer
Other items you may wish to bring:
 Bath robe
Bible, Books
Camera Ear plugs for light sleepers
European adapter if needed
Light weight rain jacket
“Breathe Rite” strips or something similar for snorers (just in case)  

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