Newsletter No2


The team

Click on the “Team Bios” section.  If you haven’t sent us your bio and a photo, please do it so we can add it to the site.



VERY IMPORTANT: review the Passport and visa information, make sure that your Passport is updated, and register your trip with the USA embassy in Armenia.



We are scheduled to stay at the Congress hotel in Yerevan on the first and last night we are together as a team. Here is the link to the hotel website: .  If you are planning to arrive early or stay late and are looking for someone to room with, you can write in the “Comment” section at the bottom of the blog and see if someone else is interested.

In Gegharkunik region you will be staying in “Blue Sevan” hotel. You can see the hotel and get some info through the following link:

Health and safety

Please be sure to visit your doctor or local travel medical clinic and ask about vaccinations and other precautions you may want to take before traveling.

Final Payment

Please don’t forget that your final trip paymentis due April 6.

Please explore the rest of the blog and let us know if you have any questions! 



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