Transportation to and from Airport

 Habitat for Humanity Armenia staff will pick up/drop off your team as a group from/to the airport and drive you to your hotel. HFH Armenia prefers that all team members arrive and depart to Armenia together. However, since in some cases some of your team members may need to arrive or depart apart from the team, HFH Armenia will be happy to assist and arrange the early arrivals and later departures pick up, drop off and hotel reservations, but the staff can not promise to meet them at the airport. Yerevan’s International airport, Zvartnots, is located about 8 miles southwest of the city center, approximately 20 minute drive by car. We will leave for the airport 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure. Please be prepared to pay the 10,000 dram ($33) exit fee per person. If you are leaving for the USA, check the luggage allowance with your travel agency: it should be 20 kilo for two pieces of luggage and there is a $2.2 charge for per kilo excess, depending on the airline.   

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