Your health is one of our major concerns. We strongly recommend that you seek professional medical advice to insure that you are healthy enough to handle hard work in a hot and dry climate. Please bring all medication needed while you travel. It is also important that you bring a set of prescriptions with you, about all of your medications being taken or those needed to be taken in special circumstances. If you have an extra pair of glasses, make sure to have them with you as well. For your safety on the construction site, it is important that you are up-to-date with your tetanus shot or have one administered prior to your arrival in Armenia, upon the advice of your doctor.  

There is Emergency Health Care 24 hours a day.European Medical Center        

Address – Vazgen Sargsyan St. 3/1, Yerevan; tel: 540-540, 540-590, 540-003 Note: European Med. Center is expensive. The consultation cost is $60- $100.   
Arma Medical Center    Paronyan St. 21 Yerevan, Armenia; tel: 580 099 Cost: $10 (local), $20 (foreigner)   
Nairi Medical Center    21 Proshyan St.; tel. 537-500, 520-099   

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