Gift Giving Policy

At Habitat for Humanity Armenia we are very glad to host Global Village teams. Their contribution is unaccountable for our families. Every team member visit to Habitat for Humanity Armenia is a real gift.

When Global Village teams work with partner families they get so close and many of them become good friends, and before their return team members often want to make more contributions to families – their friends.

This policy is to help Global Village team members to answer questions related to additional gift giving.

It is common that gifts can create a dependence on others to provide assistance, while the HFH model focuses on breaking the dependence. Indeed you are a key partner in challenging and supporting families as they seek to improve their living situation –

not as “a hand out”, but as “a hand up”.
 Additional funds for building more houses are always the most powerful contribution!!!! The support for further house building at the host office is always the best gift to insure that more children can grow up in decent shelter. You may also want to encourage the team to give a small gift to the community as a whole.

Giving small gifts to families is fine as this can create bonds with children. When you have these gifts talk to the Host Coordinator, she will assign a time for everybody to give their gifts to families, usually this is the last day of working with that family. If you have soccer boll or a game that would like to play with children while you are with their family then this can be done earlier.

Please never give money/cash directly to families, and never buy expensive gifts for them as these sets an expectation that will be difficult to handle later.

If you have general gifts or used clean clothing for homeowners that would like to give to anybody and not an assigned family you can leave those with the office and later they can distribute.


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