About Armenia and Yerevan

A traveler interested in exploring different cultures, their history and art should visit this tiny country which is on the crossroads of East and West. Armenia frequently is called an open-air museum. Over 5,000 monuments, all the way from prehistoric cave paintings, stonehenges (karahunj in Armenian), irrigational systems and fortresses to Medieval monasteries, secular buildings and khachkars which survived to our days are scattered all over the Republic of Armenia. Garni temple of the Hellenistic period (1st century A.D), Edjmiadzin monastery built after the adoption of Christianity in 301, St. Hripsime church (7th century), Zvartnots (7th century), Geghard monastery carved in rock (13th century) are just some examples of the wonders of Armenia. Yerevan is one of the earliest sites of human civilizations, with its history dating back to 782 B.C., when king Argishti I founded the citadel Erebouni on a hill known as Arin-Berd . Today, Yerevan is the capital city of the Republic of Armenia.
Yerevan is a colorful city with buildings of unique architecture, constructed f marble, basalt, onyx and the volcanic tufa stone. The combination of old and modern architectural styles adds to her charm. Yerevan’s center is the Republic Square, designed in 1926 by chief architect Alexander Tamanyan. The Square has a unified architectural style, which is embodied in the building housing the Council of Trade Unions, the Ministry of Communications, and Hotel Armenia. In front of the Museum of Armenian History and National Gallery of Art, there are fountains which unify music, water and color to provide a special splendor to the Square. If you ask any Armenian where Yerevan begins, he will point towards Mt.Ararat. One needs only to go to the top of Victory Park to see the whole city spread at the foot of the majestic Mt. Ararat. 


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